Who am I? I should be asking who you are. What brought you to read these inner most ramblings of someone you don’t even know. ¬†Writing has always been therapeutic for me, even when I have nothing interesting to write. It’s what most little girls are taught right? Write something in your diary. I’ve read 7-year-old-me’s diary. It’s pretty whiney, and to be honest this blog is pretty much like that diary, just bigger words and more comprehensive thoughts but still probably whiney.

Why “One Burpee At a Time”? Well it’s a play on “One day at a time” or “One step at a time” because I enjoy working out!! The only way to progress is to be slow and steady.

Behind the smiles, I’m here, just another human on this planet. Trying to hold it together taking it one day at a time. It’s so easy to crawl into bed and forget the world exists, but that’s not really how it works is it. Eventually your basic human instincts kick in…bathroom needs, hunger, the need for more.

So since you’re here, scroll through and get to know me. One blog post at a time.